DAS Happy Tail – Dulce

We are always thrilled to hear about happy adoptions – and this one just made our hearts melt! Dulce was a big, gorgeous bulldog who we showered with cookies and love, and we are so happy she found a great home. She’s now a service dog and goes with her mom to work every day!

“Dulce is a beautiful girl who stole our hearts here and she found an amazing home where she is now a service dog! “Wanted to send y’all a little update on this girl that I thought y’all might think is neat. Dulce is the newest employee at Best Buy where I work, while she’s adjusting to the fast pace of being on a retail sales floor the faces she makes are hilarious. Her face says exactly what all of our minds are thinking and I absolutely love it! I’m so thankful to Best Buy for creating such an awesome environment where we can work together and I’m so thankful for DAS that I was able to meet this absolute angel. I had been off for almost 2 months and because of this chance encounter through social media and the amazing girl that Dulce is I am able to get back to work even with the faces that look like she’s so done you can tell she loves being at work with me and she’s won over my co-workers as well.”

Good girl, Dulce! If you have a #DASHappyTail to share, email us at DASPIO@Dallas.gov!

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