Choose Your House Plants Wisely

The struggle is real when you’re addicted to plants AND love animals! There are thousands of species of house plants to choose from, but some are downright deadly if ingested by pets. Here are some non-toxic plants that are safe to have around your cats and dogs. With all of these, it is important to double-check whether a specific species or hybrids could be toxic – but in general, the below plants are safe to grow around pets.

African Violet





Parlor Palm

Polka Dot Plant





Some common house plants that are toxic to pets include aloe, lilies, philodendron, golden pothos, sago palm, azaleas, tulips, and hydrangea. Thousands of species of plants, herbs, and flowers are toxic to pets if ingested. Before you bring a new plant into your home, check it against the ASPCA’s detailed library of toxic and non-toxic plants.

If your pet accidentally consumes a toxic plant, call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

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