Have You Done a Coyote Yard Audit?

Here in Dallas, we coexist with many different species of wildlife. One animal that we all need to be mindful of is the coyote. This creature is indigenous to the region, and we have a responsibility to protect all wildlife.

However, we certainly don’t want coyotes taking up residence in our neighborhoods – we want to keep wildlife wild by keeping our yards safe and clean.

You can reduce the attractiveness of your yard to the coyote – and the animals it preys upon – by conducting a coyote yard audit regularly.

🐦 Are your bird feeders overflowing?

🍎 Is there a bunch of fallen, rotting fruit on the ground?

🐇 Does your deck or porch have an opening that looks inviting to wildlife? If so, take a day to adjust your yard setup and add some items to your weekly yard maintenance schedule.

To get started on finding ways to make your yard less attractive to wildlife, download our Coyote Yard Audit Checklist today.

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