Are You Leaving Snacks for Coyotes?

Here in Dallas, we coexist with many different species of wildlife. One animal that we all need to be mindful of is the coyote. This creature is indigenous to the region and we have a responsibility to protect all wildlife. However, we certainly don’t want coyotes setting up camp in our neighborhoods – we want to keep wildlife wild by ensuring our yards aren’t presenting a source of food for scavengers!

Coyotes are scavengers. If they are hungry, an open trash can may look like a tasty buffet just waiting for them to snack on! The coyote also preys upon many small animals like rabbits and rodents, so anything that attracts those creatures will also attract a coyote.

Things in your yard that might attract coyotes and other wildlife:

Small dogs and cats left unsupervised in the yard

Unsecured chicken coops or rabbit hutches

Spilt bird seed

Pet food bowls

Food left out for community cats (clean it up once they’re done eating)

Fallen fruit

Uncovered compost piles

Piles of leaves


Standing water

It’s also important to immediately retrieve restaurant or grocery deliveries as soon as they arrive. You don’t want to loose your Pad Thai or baguette to a passing coyote!

Report coyote sightings by calling 469-676-9813 and leaving a detailed voicemail and call back information or use our online form here.

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