Dallas is BYOB – That’s Code for “Bring Your Own Bag”!

We are big proponents of BYOB – that’s short for Bring Your Own Bag!

When walking your dog, it’s important to bring a waste bag (and plenty of extras) with you wherever you go. We need all dog owners to be courteous to their neighbors by picking up their dog’s mess immediately. Dog poop is stinky and can make a neighborhood look sloppy, but more importantly, it can spread disease, drive pests, and pollute our water systems.

According to the USDA, when rain washes poop into our storm drains and waterways, it can elevate levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, which depletes oxygen that aquatic life need to survive. It also encourages the growth of algae and spreads bacteria in water sources. Let’s take care of our environment, our water, and our neighborhoods by making a commitment to BYOB!

By the way, did you know you could receive a citation for neglecting to pick up your dog’s poop? According to Chapter 7-4.8 of Dallas City Code, a dog owner commits an offense if they knowingly permit, or by insufficient control allow a dog to defecate in the City of Dallas on private property or on property located in a public place.

Be a good neighbor – clean up after your pet!

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