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Celebrate Halloween With Your Pet – Safely!

Halloween is a holiday that children, adults, and even pets can all enjoy! Keep in mind that pets need a little extra help being safe during this celebration. Here are some tips for pet owners to have a safe and silly spooky season!


Having a gathering at your house? Normally we recommend keeping your pet enclosed in a quiet room, but on this holiday we strongly emphasize the importance of securing your pet. Imagine if you had never heard of Halloween, and suddenly there were all of these big monsters and loud noises around you. You’d be scared, right? Pets don’t know what Halloween is, and unexpected sights and sounds can cause even the bravest pets to panic. Keep your pet secured in a room with a sign for your guests not to enter, and consider enclosing them in a crate for extra security.

Even if your pet isn’t bothered by costumes or music, a glass of liquor, a half-eaten candy bar, or a wide open door can cause your pet to require a trip to the hospital or end up lost. Make the safe choice and don’t invite your pet to the party! This is also a great time to ensure that your pet is wearing a properly fitted collar with ID tags at all times, as well as a microchip that has your up-to-date contact information. If you have moved or changed your phone number since your pet received their microchip, call the microchip company to update your information.


Kids and pets all have different needs for feeling safe. Some love wearing elaborate costumes, but others may feel restricted and need modifications to feel comfortable. Go slow with your pet when introducing them to costumes. If they’re used to dressing up already, that’s fantastic. Just check to ensure the costume doesn’t restrict their movement or present choking hazards. Other pets may only feel okay with a loose bandana or headband. Of course, some may run in the opposite direction at the idea of so much as a scarf – and that’s okay! That’s why we have Photoshop. Remember, no matter how much they love dressing up, never leave your pet in costume unsupervised.


Here’s the big one – candy! The veterinarian’s offices will be very busy the next week treating pets that have ingested chocolate and candy. Don’t join the queue of people in the waiting room holding their pets with awful tummy aches! Talk to your whole family so that they understand that candy and chocolate are toxic to pets and can make them very sick. Keep the trashcans covered and store any uneaten candy far out of your pet’s reach.

Have fun – and stay safe!

Infographic with pet safety tips. Choose costumes wisely, keep pets away from candy, and secure pets during parties.
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