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Lost Pets, Pet Support



Media & all other inquiries

DAS Information Line: 469-331-6640 This automatic phone service will provide general information about DAS services.


If you need to speak to DAS staff, please email the appropriate team above.


Call 311


Before calling 311, check our website to see if your question is answered here! You can save time by filling out a service request online.


or by using the OurDallas app, available for free download with your phone’s app store.


To make an animal-related service request, call 311 or make a service request online. If you have questions about 


DAS services, programs, or pets, you can also call 311 for more information.


(Please note: DAS does not have a call center, but the 311 team is trained to answer most common questions. If you need to speak directly to DAS staff, please email the appropriate team above.)


PLEASE NOTE: There are occasional delays in the closure of Service Requests (SRs). Please rest assured that DAS’ response times have not been affected; Officers continue to work calls actively. However, SR’s on the city’s app may not always show closure in real-time.

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