Doggie Daycations

What's a Doggie Daycation?

Doggie Daycations are an opportunity for the public to take out our adoptable dogs for a day away from the shelter. During your daycation, you are encouraged to take plenty of photos and videos, and fill out a report card at the end of your trip. The more photos and information we have for our adoptable dogs, the more they’ll stand out to potential adopters!


There will be multiple dogs to choose from for your daycation, and you will be given options the morning-of the daycation when you arrive to the shelter. Not every dog is eligible for a Daycation, and the dogs most in need of a Daycation are medium-to-large sized dogs. We try to have a range of sizes and energy levels available to choose from, but may not always be able to accommodate requests for small or low energy dogs. Please be prepared to handle a 40+ lb. dog for your Daycation. All supplies needed for a Daycation, including a harness and leash, will be provided. 


If you have any questions about a Doggie Daycation, please email

Rules and Reminders

  • Take frequent water breaks and watch for overheating!
  • No dog-to-dog contact or trips to dog parks. No dog-to-cat contact.
  • Dogs must ride in an enclosed vehicle. No convertibles, truck beds, or open Jeeps.
  • Dogs must always be in control of an adult over 18.
  • You must stay within the city of Dallas for your Daycation and stay within a 30 minute drive from the shelter.
  • Keep the dog on a leash unless confined in your home or backyard.
  • Must have a 6-foot fence and dog must be under your supervision if let off-leash in a backyard.
  • If someone would like to foster your daycation dog, please email, and if they would like to adopt, please have them email
  • You must report any medical concerns, incidents of aggression, or biting immediately to the emergency contact(s) below.

Emergency Contacts

For immediate concerns or emergencies during your doggie daycation, please call the DAS Volunteer Coordinator at (214) 412-4592. If you do not immediately get through, please call Nathan Thrash (214) 846-2861 or Sarah Sheek (469) 984-1818. If you can’t reach any of the three numbers above, please call our field dispatch at (214) 670-3278.

Where Can I Take My Daycation Dog?

On hot summer days, cool off with a stroll through a Lowe’s or Home Depot. Feel free to treat your daycation dog to a pup cup from a coffee shop but otherwise limit treats to those made specifically for dogs. Keep paws on the grass, not concrete, on hot days. Remember, visits to dog parks are NOT permitted.


Below are some dog-friendly locations you can visit in Dallas.

Restaurants and Bars
Parks and Trails
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