Court-Ordered Community Service

Individuals needing to complete volunteer hours mandated by a court can do so at Dallas Animal Services. Service hours are limited to approved offenders. To get started, please first create an account and fill out our online application.


Please be sure to include a summary of your offense on your application. We cannot move forward with your application without this.

After we have received your application, you will be contacted for your next steps. 

Court Ordered Community Service Tasks include:

Washing Dishes

Doing Laundry

Shelter Cleaning & Maintenance

Support in Other Volunteer Areas as Needed

Community service roles do not involve animal handling



You will NOT be allowed to do your community service hours with Dallas Animal Services if your offense is any of the following: theft, burglary, domestic violence or abuse, cruelty or assault toward humans or animals, arson, any sex-related offense, manslaughter/murder, stalking, kidnapping, any felony, or any other offense at management’s ­discretion. All offense information will be verified prior to approval.


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