Adoptable Pets

Thank you for choosing to adopt! Dallas Animal Services’ adoption staff can help match you with a great fit for your family. Take a look at our adoptable pets on this page, or come by 1818 North Westmoreland Road to meet our adoptable pets.

If a pet is in a foster home, you can submit an online inquiry, and their foster family will be in touch!


The fastest and easiest way to adopt is to come in-person to our shelter. However, if you see a pet you want to adopt and cannot come to the shelter immediately, you can start the adoption process online by hitting the pink “I’m Interested” button and one of our adoption counselors will be in touch via email! Keep in mind, adoptions are first come, first served, so if someone is in the shelter to adopt they will be ahead of you in line.


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Adopting a Heartworm Positive Dog from DAS

What Dogs are Eligible for Heartworm Treatment?

Heartworm treatment is expensive, which is why DAS offers 100% FREE Heartworm treatment on eligible* Heartworm positive dogs.


DAS works to provide Heartworm treatment for all dogs that are Heartworm positive when they’re in our care; at this time, we are not able to offer treatment for dogs that contract Heartworms after they are adopted. 


Though rare, some dogs cannot safely be treated in our facility due to factors that put them at a high risk of complication. These dogs require treatment at a specialized, full-service private facility, which DAS is unable to cover.

What Does Heartworm Treatment Involve?

Dogs receive 14 days of heartworm preventative as the first course of treatment. They will then receive an injection the day of their adoption or surgery date if unaltered. It is crucial that dogs undergoing treatment avoid stress and high levels of activity, which is why we postpone treatment until they are in a home environment.

Can You Tell Me if a Dog Will be Eligible Before Adoption?

Many of the factors that can disqualify a dog from Heartworm treatment at DAS – such as advanced symptoms or high heart rates – are resolved when they enter a lower stress environment, such as their adoptive home. That’s why DAS does not rule any dog out until they have undergone a post-adoption evaluation by our veterinary team. 


Dogs over the age of 7, those suffering from additional medical conditions, or those showing severe symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and lethargy (particularly in combination with high positive Heartworm tests), are at an increased risk of complications and are more likely to be deemed untreatable in our facility. However, in some cases, our veterinary team is able to utilize different treatment protocols that  cure the dog over a longer time period. 


*It is rare for DAS to be unable to offer some type of Heartworm treatment for Heartworm positive dogs; however, if a dog is deemed ineligible by our veterinary team, the dog’s adopter will need to work with their private veterinarian to secure care.

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