Toss That Retractable Leash!

When you’re in public with your dog, you must always keep them on a leash and under your control. It’s not just a good idea – it’s the law here in Dallas! Dallas Animal Services recommends standard 6-foot leashes; a 6-foot leash attached to a properly fitted collar or harness helps you control your dog and is better at reducing pulling. Retractable leashes are not secure; they allow your pet to go too far from you, which puts them at risk of being hurt by a car, wild animals, or loose dogs.

Retractable Leashes:

  • Minimal control of your dog’s movements
  • May break with sudden jerking motions
  • Not ideal for dogs that pull
  • Dogs more than 6 feet from their owners are at risk of attack by predators
  • Does not teach your dog to stay close to you

6-foot Leashes:

  • Keep your dog within your control at all times
  • More durable design that is better suited for dogs that pull
  • Provides better control when combined with a martingale collar or harness
  • Predators are less likely to approach animals close to humans
  • Teaches your dog to stay close

When it comes to the safety of your dog, put your trust in the sturdy, reliable 6-foot nylon leash. Toss that retractable leash right where it belongs – in the trash!

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